Wednesday 22 November 2017

How To Turn Your Living Room into a Design Masterpiece.

A living room is a readily visible space of your home and also the most interesting one. Designs have evolved immensely over the past decades, but the fundamentals remain the same. Many of us get a lot of things wrong while making changes to their living room design. Experienced interior designer Angelica Urbas has some tips to help you design your dream living space. Let's have a look - 

Fundamental Design Considerations Regarding Living Rooms

Select a color scheme - The color scheme of a living room creates particular moods. For instance, if you use shades of turquoise or mild blues, the temperature and mood is on the cooler side. Warm tan shades, oranges and reds glow with warmth, and also work well with dark furniture. It is important to decide between warm and cold base tones, and you can then build up on that. 

Work with whites - White is simple, elegant, bright and evergreen as far as interior design goes. Your living rooms can have white base colors, with contrasting shades of darks, greys or reds. There are a lot of possibilities if you are working with white. One should also keep in mind that whites or off-white shades are excellent light reflectors during the daytime. 

Invest in wall finishes - Wallpapers or uniform pattern paints can go well on your living room walls and bring a new level of vibrancy to it. Nowadays, there are a plethora of different special design choices that can add character to your living room. After all, it is a place of the house that’s most visible to outsiders and guests. 

Explore templates - Living room design templates are set variations of where everything should be. A template takes into consideration everything, from the furniture, plants, center tables, artwork, fireplaces, wall decor and more. You can consult with a reputed interior designer to get clarity regarding available templates. If you arrive upon something you like, they can implement it for you. 

Go trendy with furniture - The look and feel of furniture will make your living room attractive or clumsy. While conventional furniture choices might look bland within your creative interiors, you can go for more stylish and eye-catching choices. A simple search will give you resources to interesting modern, retro or even abstract furniture choices. Just make sure that they would fit well with the overall look of your living space. 

Importance of a focal point - Most designers agree upon the importance of a focal point within any living room space. This can be a painting or sculpture, a wall decor piece or even a stylish fireplace. Make sure it's anything than just a television or entertainment unit. A strong focal point can create strong character for your living space.

Never hoard a living space - You might come across interesting pieces of furniture which you badly want within your living room. The first thing you should do before going ahead and purchasing any additional furniture or decorative, is assessing the existing interiors of your home. The last thing you want is to hoard different furniture or fittings, which look out of place. Also, a living room should feel somewhat spacious and that is another reason to not hoard it.   

If you are about to plan changes to your living room design, these tips can help you out. You can always get in touch with an interior design expert for better ideas. 


Wednesday 8 November 2017

Ways to add color to a Living Room.

When it comes to home decorating, not everyone has either the time or the money to do a whole makeover in their living room. But don’t fret! You don’t have to spend a lot of either to get a nice change and pick-up to the look of your room. 

Here are the 10 favorite ways to add color to your living room and liven up the decor of your home.